Consulting services for nonprofit agencies

Aging is Cool provides comprehensive support and innovative solutions for non-profit agencies serving older adults. Our co-founder and lead consultant, Amy Temperley, has over 25 years of experience in the nonprofit sector with most of that time focused on older adults.

From her tenure as a social worker in nursing homes and home health care, to her leadership roles at the Alzheimer’s Association and managing a $3 million nonprofit agency providing personal attendant services, Amy has seen a little bit of everything. She has trained as a home care administrator and has additionally completed the Assisted Living certification required by TDADS/HHSC. 

Amy has consulted with numerous nonprofit agencies over the years helping them take their programs and services to the next level by focusing on 3 pillars of nonprofit excellence:  the leadership (board, staff and volunteers), programs and fundraising. Amy has a Master's Degree in Human Services Administration from St. Edward's University.
  1. Strategy and planning
    A good plan is the foundation for guiding you in the right direction. We can facilitate your strategic planning work from community assessment to final plan.
  2. Fundraising and grant writing
    No money, no mission. It can't be more clear. Whether you need a development plan, grant writing assistance, or support with managing or organizing your financials, we can help.
  3. Special Projects
    Just need a pair of extra hands? We assist with leadership recruitment, program development, focus groups and much more.
  4. Board Development and Training
    A strong board is the backbone of a successful nonprofit. We can help you recruit the board members you need and provide training to ensure they are supporting you in the best way possible.

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