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Gigi Barnett, KXAN
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WIMBERLEY, Texas (KXAN) — S’mores around the campfire, kayaking and archery — sounds like a good ol’ fashioned summer camp for kids.

At one camp this weekend, the participants are decades older. Organizers said the camp makes aging cool and keeps participants healthy.

Susie Ishibashi knows the first rule of summer camp: arrive early to grab the best bunk. “The main reason why I signed up was that it was air-conditioned cabins. And ceiling fans,” said the 63-year-old camper.

Leslee Bassman, Community Impact
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" Experts agree that several requirements are needed to allow a senior-focused community to be successful, especially in the Central Texas area.

“We know there’s a rising senior population out there [in the Lake Travis area],” said licensed social worker Amy Temperley, owner of Aging is Cool, a Driftwood-based business focused on active aging. “There’s a huge number of adults here who don’t need [assisted living or medical] care. They need to find ways to stay engaged in their community, to have fun, to keep their minds and bodies active, and to contribute—to volunteer, mentor or serve on a [governing] board.”

Temperley said successful seniors need financial stability, a healthy environment, mobility and socialization—the ability to connect with others."
" WIMBERLEY, Texas - Over the weekend, seniors from the Central Texas area got the chance to relive their childhood at summer camp. 

Fitness company Aging is Cool hosted Camp Meraki at John Knox Ranch, which sits on 254 acres in the Texas Hill Country, tucked between Canyon Lake and Wimberley. Fourteen men and women between 63 and 82 spent the better part of three days at camp, just like kids — picking a bunk bed, making tie-dye, canoeing and even trying their hand at archery.

With the trend of "adult summer camps" on the rise, owners Amy and Damien Temperley wanted the experience to be authentic to summer camp experienced as a child. Being adults, of course, there were a few added perks -- air conditioning and happy hour. 

Ellie Holmes, KSAT
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