Meet The Team

We are all about people, and we love our team!
Amy & Damien Temperley
Head Honchos & Aging Optimists

Hi! I'm Amy Temperley and I have been working with older adults and their caregivers in one form or fashion in the social services and nonprofit industries for more than 25 years. 

I believe that aging can be an amazing journey where you can continue to learn, grow and create. I am passionate about helping older adults meet their goals and helping to strengthen agencies and the community to better serve them.


Hi! I'm Damien Temperley. Originally from London,I have been in the fitness industry for over 16 years with my current work focusing on older adults. Along with running Aging is Cool, I teach a variety of classes including strength building, balance improvement, core workouts, stretching, and memory and brain games.   

No matter your age or limitations, I truly believe that you can find joy, and health and realize that aging is indeed cool!  I hope that through this site and our classes, you learn some great techniques and concepts as well as encounter inspiring stories to help improve your life.

Corey Heidt
Transition Coach & Instructor
Leslie Archambault
Marketing Director & Instructor
Becky Rhodes
Admin Assistant & Instructor
Maggie Gallant
Amy Martin
Yoga Instructor
Becky Shidlofsky
Fitness Instructor
Lynn Barton

Fitness Instructor
Tammy Mills

Yoga Instructor
Want to get involved with Aging is Cool?

Thank you for your interest in providing activities to older adults in our community. Our mission is to get older adults active in stimulating and meaningful activities with the goal of alleviating loneliness, encouraging community engagement, and working toward life-long learning and growth.

At Aging is Cool, we believe in laughing and playing, growing and contributing.

We are always looking for fun, personable, interesting instructors.
Have a class you'd like to offer? Get in touch at [email protected]