Class Descriptions

May-Austin Calendar
Austin Calendar
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Aging is Cool offers a variety of engaging classes through our membership program to help you
​Stay Strong, Stay Smart and Stay Social.  

  1. Stay Smart
    Our Stay Smart class brings together brain training, physical movements and memory techniques to help you maintain and improve mental functioning. Expect to flex your mental muscles!
  2. Stay Strong
    An all-over workout helps you build strength, improve coordination and balance, and strengthen your heart. A fun workout with music and lots of laughter! Can be done seated.
  3. Stay Social
    We believe that a key component of staying healthy is staying social. Our social outings give you a chance to make new friends, engage in stimulating conversation, have fun and try out new and interesting venues.
  4. Outings, special events & speakers
    Every month we add in opportunities to try something new, have a laugh or learn. We have been geocaching, museum hopping, dancing, to watch roller derby, to the Texas Quilt Museum and much more.